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Industry Trends

Growing Impact of Digitization On Hospitality Branding, Services and Operations
Increasing Tourism

Because of increasing population and income, more people from a wider range of social, geographic and economic origins are traveling. To appeal to these travelers, more hospitality organizations are seeking to unify their branding to provide guests consistent, high-quality service across their chains. Hospitality facilities are also personalizing guest services to meet the various needs of this diverse group.

Deepening operational complexity

Expanding globalization is increasing operational complexity for hotel chains as they grow their global market presence. Hospitality facilities are challenged to standardize and personalize guest services because of inconsistent operating systems.

Consumer demand for tech-driven services

Mobile platforms are indispensable to today’s tech-savvy consumers. They expect a far superior experience from hospitality providers than they have at home, demanding modern conveniences and integrated services. In addition, the spread of online booking and wireless check-in has significantly changed consumer behavior. More mobile- equipped consumers expect an integrated experience with hotel devices. Hotels are also providing devices such as tablets to deliver seamless guest services.

Competitive advantage through brand differentiation

Competing hospitality players continue to expand their presence in emerging markets, leveraging technology as a key differentiator. Leading hospitality providers are adopting cutting-edge technologies to deliver a more personalized guest experience and increase their market share, with other industry players following suit.

Customer needs

Elevate the guest experience through operational excellence
Meet higher customer expectations

Opportunities exist across the hospitality environment to delight guests while increasing revenues and maintaining operational efficiency. To meet tech-savvy traveler demands, hospitality providers must create an optimal guest experience supported by high-end services uniquely tailored to guests.

Manage resources more efficiently

To deliver these premier guest services effectively, hospitality providers must ensure their facilities run smoothly by making better use of their assets and human/physical resources to drive operational excellence.

The complete hospitality management solution

Samsung LYNK Cloud is a comprehensive hospitality cloud solution that provides powerful content and device management tools, enabling analysis of content use and providing detailed insights for managers. From content creation to device control and data analytics, LYNK Cloud puts managers in complete control with insights allowing them to create more impactful promotional content and deliver it to the right guests, at the right time, for increased revenue creation opportunities.

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