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Fusion HR


Fusion for HR

Fusion HR is a comprehensive human resource management system. It handles every activity from employee request to leave approvals to accommodation, travel authorization, training and termination. Fusion HR is running at the leading 5 and 7 star properties in Maldives.

Fusion Human Resource is one of the Intek most comprehensive software for Human Resource Management Systems. It encloses all the functional areas of the HR System from the base of the employees requisition to termination. It is completely User friendly and Access Free Software. One quarter of the entire Resorts and Enterprises in Maldives has benefited from our solutions.

There are about 3 modules covering functional areas like Human Resource Management (Maintains of Complete Records from Hire to termination of an employee including training, promotion, Appraisal, and the proposed Reports etc), Payroll Management, Security. All the processes in these functionalities are widely covered and their transactions are made simpler using the latest software technology available.

Key Features

  • Approval system - can be set by the user. N number of approval levels can be set depending upon the user's needs.
  • All transactions like - Employee Requisition, Interview Call Letter, New hire, Promotion, Probation, Salary Adjustment, Leave and right up to Termination is completely automated - reducing paperwork.
  • E-mails are sent automatically for corresponding transactions (To hospitals, travel agents etc).
  • Automatic pop-ups and alerts for passport, contract, work permit expiry and birthdays.
  • Bio-metric Integration possible with Swipe cards, finger print reader etc.
  • Data integrity checking.
  • Position-wise authorization.
  • Casual labor can also be maintained separately.
  • Training programs can be planned and completed - comparison between planned and actual.
  • Internal messaging system (Between users).
  • Highly secure.