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Identity Management Solutions

1. ID Reader FUSION

 Input Management, Front Office Scanning Solutions

ID Reader is a software solution that enables automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents into various business applications within a few seconds. After scanning the document, ID Reader automatically recognizes document type and extracts all textual data from the scanned image. When the process finishes, all textual data together with images will be sent to business applications.

ID Reader does not store any data, it only serves to transfer data from documents into applications from which the scanning process started.


ID Reader reads more than 1300 document documents from all over the world.

ID Reader is based on “image processing” and “OCR” (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

  • Reads all passports made by international ICAO 9303 standard (all European and most of the world's passports)
  • Reads ID cards, drivers licenses, health cards, various membership cards, etc.
  • Reads special characters (Š, Ć, Č, Ð, Ž, Ñ, Ü, Ö etc.)

The software uses high quality scanners of small dimensions which are specialized for scanning large number of documents in a short time period. Scanners represent an ideal solution for receptions and similar “front office business” with client registration.

Advantages of ID Reader

With a single mouse click and within a few seconds all document data will be inserted into the appropriate fields on the screen.ID Reader ensures automation of business processes, simplified creation of databases, less mistakes during data input, higher accessibility of information etc.

ID Reader is designed to enhance the quality of your business!

Benefits of ID Reader

  • Saving time – faster data input which results in higher productivity of the front office
  • Increasing accuracy – reducing human typing errors
  • Higher security level – saves client's document and face image in database
  • Faster database search – all data and images are available by a single mouse click
  • Communication with clients – possibility of selling products and services during data entry
  • Saving space – digitalization of archive at the front office
  • Personalization of service – increasing the business quality

2. Guest Book

GuestBook is a turn-key solution specifically designed for recording and archiving guest details in hotels and resorts.

GuestBook speeds up your business, increases efficiency of the hotel staff, improves security level and takes hospitality business to a higher level. This client – server based application allows you to work at the front or back office while the database is safely stored on the company server.

Basic version of the software is used for scanning documents at reception, sending data to hotel software and storing it in the GuestBook database. It is used by hotels where it is necessary only to store document images.

Advanced version of the software provides all the necessary tools that hotel staff are required to do in their day-to-day jobs such as checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, reporting guests to authorities, etc. Additional modules like Reports, Statistics, Room Management contain important information for hotel management.

Basic Module

Advanced Module

Scanning and reading personal documents
• Storing all personal details into database automatically

Guest archive
• Archive of all guests who visited hotel
• Powerful search engine

Guest profiles
• List of all visits with check-in and check-out date
• All document images used during check-in

List of guests
• Arrivals, In-House, Departures

Room management
• Provides a hotel layout with face images of each guest by their room numbers

• Check-in report
• Single guest report
• Arrivals list
• In-House guest report
• Custom reports


• Arrivals per time period
• Top nationalities
• Gender distribution

Web export for sending guest details to authorities

3. Virtual Border

Visitor Management System, Access & Lobby Control, Security Systems

Virtual Border is a software solution designed for quick and accurate identification of visitors in facilities with high frequency of guests or high safety requirements. Virtual Border replaces traditional log books by reading and recording all data from personal documents and controls the access of each individual according to security regulations of the facility.

On the entrance, this user-friendly software solution enables security guards to do the entire entry procedure in several seconds. The process includes scanning and reading personal documents, writing visit details, assigning visitor badges and recording entry snapshots. In the back office, supervisor can see all the visitors who entered or left the facility as well as perform security checks of visitors prevented from entering the facility.

System generates various reports and statistics which provide accurate details important for your facility.


  • Basic Module
  • Scan Module
  • Access Control
  • Video Module
  • Meetings Module
  • Events Module
  • Membership Module
  • Client Module

Easy to use
• One-click solution

Visitor gallery
•Document and face images of each visitor
• List of current visitors in the facility

Automatic notifications
• Preventing entry to unwanted visitors
• Automatic warnings: Underage, Banned, Document expired, etc.

Powerful search engine

Statistics and Reports
• Individual visitor history report
• Daily, weekly and monthly reports
• Evacuation report
• Various statistics

Fast and accurate data entry

Scanning and reading personal documents
• 1300 documents worldwide
• All ICAO and non ICAO documents
• Automatic detection of document type
• ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, health cards etc.

Storing data automatically
• Personal details
• Document and face images
• Saves all textual data from document
Scanning hardware
• High speed scanners or cameras
• Small and compact devices

Visit Details
• Location
• Visit reason
• Notes

Printing entry permits or visitor passes
• Personalized entry permit/visitor pass
• Supports barcode or RFID technology

Assigning badges for visitor check-in
• Proximity cards from the existing access control system
• Badge groups – visitor, contractor, suppliers etc.
• Automatic live snapshots during visitor check-in

Layout designer
• Entry permits
• Visitor passes

Videos from the CCTV cameras
• Streaming
• Recording
• Viewing
• Archiving

Automatic snapshots or video recording for
• Check-in
• Check-out

• All visitor images or videos when entering or leaving facility

Supporting HD web cameras

Connection to MS Outlook

Creating a meeting
• Date
• Time
• Preregistering attendees

Assigning visitors to the specified meeting

E-mail notifications
• To meeting creator
• To security supervisor
• For visitor arrival
• For visitor departure

Printing personalized accreditations
• Barcode
• Proximity cards

Setting permissions for each accreditation
• Allowed destination/entrance

Accreditation time validity
• Temporary
• Permanent

Automatic live snapshots
• When registering visitor on the main counter
• When entering specific entrance

Layout designer
• Unlimited number of templates
• Design templates on-site

Printing personalized membership cards
• Barcode
• Proximity cards
• Magnetic

Membership validity
• Permanent 
• For specified time period

Various reports
• Printed cards per workstation
• List of new members
• Report with all images and details

Membership card designer

Works on any Windows-based tablet
• Wireless connection to database

Verifying accreditation or membership card validity
• Whether the person has access to the area

Supported technologies
• Barcode
• Proximity cards